CNC Retrofit & Reconditioning


A CNC retrofit typically upgrades the CNC, the axes servo motors and drives, the spindle motor and drives, and a portion of the associated wiring and related electromechanical components. Unlike rebuilding and remanufacturing, a CNC retrofit does not include any major repairs to the machine mechanics. A CNC retrofit should not be confused with a CNC conversion, where a manual machine is converted into a CNC machine. Assuming the machine tool is generally in good shape mechanically, CNC retrofitting is typically the lowest cost solution to improve the overall performance of an older machine tool.

Though some electrical subassembly is often performed at the retrofitter’s business location, most of the work can be completed at the machine site, avoiding costly machine rigging and transportation costs, and minimizing the time that the machine is out of commission. Rebuilding typically includes the repair or replacement of some worn mechanical components such as ballscrews, lubrication pumps, safety interlocks, guards, hoses, belts and electrical wiring. The rebuild is typically performed at the rebuilder’s facility, so there may be additional transportation and rigging costs.

What are the benefits of a CNC retrofitting?

There have been advances in machine tool and CNC technologies in the last twenty years. However, the machine tools advances may not be relevant to a particular machine’s application in your business, yet you would still like to take advantage of the CNC advance for performance, reliability and other innovative features. Not all machine tools are good candidates for a retrofit based on simple economics. Small commodity machines benefit from an economy of scale in production and in the price of the procured components. Since a retrofit can require one-time engineering charges, it is often cheaper to purchase a new replacement commodity machine.

  • Far superior repeatability.
  • Reduced machine downtime.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Improved control of machine.
  • Fast machining cycles.
  • High accuracy, high feed-rate
  • Increased accuracy and part finished due to new Digital Servo drives.

What we offer?

Specialized in CNC retrofit with complete electrical, electronics and mechanical revamping.

At GAMA, we study your machine/project requirement, conceptualize a technically feasible solution to meet your expectations, design and execute the engineering processes, and finally train your manpower for future machine maintenance. Upgradation of conventional machines to CNC which involves replacement of leadscrews with ball screws, replacement of turcite beds to linear motion guideways modification and redesign of tool and job fixtures for machining centers (HMC/VMC).

Our area of work involves complete design and supply of required electrical panel (with required switchgear), mechanical design modifications wherever required, complete PLC design and machine prove out.



The range of machines retrofitted by us so far include a wide range from simple lathe machines, CNC SPMs with auto loader mechanisms, HMCs and VMCs, CNC Grinder, CNC Jig boring machines, Gear Hobbers. We have utilized both FANUC, Siemens, Fagor CNCs.

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